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9 October 2018 | EPF Offices, Chaussee d’Etterbeek 180, 1040 Brussels

Putting what matters to European patients at the heart of European Elections 2019

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"Our Manifesto calls on the political leaders of the EU, Members of the European Parliament and the future Commission, to ensure health is an EU policy priority and that patients’ rights are implemented across the EU, by taking concrete action on the issues that our members say matter most to patients."

European Patients’ Forum

What matters to patients. Our five priorities:

Take a look at our 5 priorities

Accessing the healthcare we need with no discrimination

“For a prosperous, inclusive and fair Europe, everyone, everywhere must have affordable access to the healthcare and support/social care they need.”

The EU should act to ensure that all patients, everywhere in the EU, have affordable, timely access to the spectrum of healthcare they need, from diagnosis to treatment, social and other support services.

Being empowered

“All patients should have the right to define their own goals and participate as equal partners in care, supported by a new European charter of patients’ rights.”

The EU should adopt a new, comprehensive and up-to-date European legislation on patients’ rights.

Driving the development of digital health

“Digital technologies must be start from patients’ priorities and be co-developed with patients to bring real value.”

The EU should ensure that Europe’s future digital health tools and systems start from patients’ priorities and are co-developed with patients.

Being a partner in driving better research

“Patients’ priorities must drive research, with patients as equal and fully-resourced partners.”

The EU should involve patients meaningfully in all EU-funded projects and programmes, working with patient organisations to set ground rules for research involvement and compensating patients for their expertise.

Helping make better health policy

“Patients’ experience and expertise will make health policy throughout Europe more effective, efficient and equitable. Patient organisations’ contribution to health policy should be valued and resourced.”

The EU should ensure meaningful patient involvement in all parts of health systems, by working with the patient community to share learning and support the implementation of good practices.

Sirpa Pietikäinen

Member of the European Parliament

EPP, Finland

Lieve Wierinck

Member of the European Parliament

ALDE, Belgium

José Inácio Faria

Member of the European Parliament

EPP, Portugal

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    There has never been a more important time to vote, and to say loudly and clearly what really matters to patients – if we are passive, then the interests of over 150 million patients with chronic conditions may well be overlooked, in the next mandate – and we will have failed them.

    Nicola Bedlington

    EPF Secretary General

    To meet future challenges, health systems need to shift from being disease-centred to being person-centred, with patients recognised as co-producers and equal partners. Change often happens “bottom-up” – healthcare is all about human interactions – but change needs an enabling environment, support, and investment. This is why it needs to be a policy priority for the next European Parliament and Commission.

    Kaisa Immonen

    EPF Director of Policy and patient

    Together, with our vote, let’s drive positive change for all patients across Europe and make sure everyone, everywhere in the EU, has access to quality and affordable healthcare!


    EPF Communications manager & patient advocate

    As our populations grow and age, we need to ensure we not only use our resources more effectively but increase the resources available. We need people who recognise this and help us all get the most out of life by ensuring we get the care we need.


    EUPATI coordinator, concerned citizen

    Health should be a high priority for the European elections. Patients have the right to be included in the process, to feel protected and involved in the healthcare systems – their voice is what really matters.

    Camilla Habre

    EPF Project Officer

    As a legally blind person, I HUGELY support your goals on empowerment. Love Jonathan Myzcik



    I have ovarian cancer, therefore I really support your efforts in the field of digital health and accessibility of information about it



    As a person living with celiac disease, I support your work in providing better access to health to everyone who has my diagnose



    Best of luck



    As a nurse and politician I integrate patient safety into policy. Always.

    Pernille Weiss

    Front runner to EP19

    Health is wealth. By working in partnership with those who are living with health conditions, great things can be achieved, from raised awareness, to empowered individuals, better access to healthcare, research that is fit-for-purpose, and future care is relevant for society.

    Simon Stones

    Patient advocate and consultant

    For a patient centric approach in health care.

    Mariella J. Delgado

    Patient advocate at Sweish Brain Tumor association

    I have an Inflamatory Bowel Disease and for the last 2 years I have been an advocate for these diseases. Patients empowerment is extremely important so that patients understand what is at stake. I support a vision for Europe that includes healthcare as one of Europes’s priorities!

    Vera Gomes

    Policy Analyst

    On a European level we don’t need politics in health we need a healthy discussion about health. Healthy citizens, healthy countries, a healthy Europe

    Gertrude Buttigieg

    Patient advocate

    Health policy is patients right

    Biljana Mirceska

    Patients representative

    Each person needs a patient advocate, for ourselves – since we all are potential patients – for our  loved ones

    Eleni Drakopoulou

    Alumnus committee member EHP 3rd edition, psychologist

    Health is the greatest gift, which should not be taken for granted. This statement would be undoubtedly confirmed by 2 out of 3 Europeans who at their retirement age suffer from multiple chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer, etc. Sadly enough, we, the politicians, are not capable of providing the patients – young or old – with any magical healing formula. But what we can and should do is to improve the patient´s access to the best possible healthcare and to facilitate their empowerment. I will be honoured to do so and make health policy better.

    Pavel Poc

    Member of the European Parliament

    I fully support the European Patients Forum and its pledge

    Petra de Sutter

    MEP candidate - Groen Belgium

    I strongly support the integration the patient safety into the policy. I do!

    Filip Đerke

    Doctor of Medicine

    There’s no health without mental health. Don’t forget to prioritize the promotion of mental health and wellbeing in all policies!

    Ziggi Ivan Santini

    Mental health promotion researcher

    About the campaign

    The European Patients Forum is campaigning to put what matters to patients at the heart of the EU health policy and make health an issue that gets citizens to vote and make a difference. Patients benefit from and need continued EU collaboration in health and a strong European health policy. With 72 members, representing the interests of an estimated 150 million people with chronic diseases, EPF carries the voice of a high proportion of voters. We need to make sure health is a priority in the European Union post-2020, and to position the patient community as a whole. This website shows what needs to be done, who is committed to help and allows Europe's citizens to understand where they can make an impact on health-related issues at the next European Elections.

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    This is a campaign of the European Patients’ Forum an umbrella organisation that works with patients’ groups in public health and health advocacy across Europe. Our members represent specific chronic disease groups at EU level or are national coalitions of patients. Our Manifesto and its key messages have been developed in a consultative process together with our member patient organisations, with no involvement of sponsors in developing the content.

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